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This is the portal for The Shadows at Dusk.

The Shadows at Dusk is a political intrigue campaign using the NUMENERA rules and world. It takes place in the nine kingdoms of the Steadfast during a power struggle after the assassination of King Noren tiKalloban, ruler of the kingdom of Iscobal.

A small group of unlikely agents, one priest from the Order of Truth and two assassins from Qi’s assassins guild, the House of Whispers, find themselves tasked with keeping the unexpected death hidden from those in power while investigating the originator of the disruptive act, all with hopes of thwarting an eruption of war and political struggle between the kingdoms before it is too late.

Soon after their departure others join the cause at the behest of the King’s head adviser. But is it enough to penetrate the web of lies surrounding the heads of kingdom and their agendas, and to get to the core of the workings each has put into play?

Interested yet?

If so, read the Introduction, and then get caught up on the rest of the Adventure Log.

Once you are done with that, check out the Wiki for all sorts of information on the Steadfast, the nine kingdoms, the numenera, and all the other interesting aspects of this story and the setting of the Ninth World.

Note: This game has been put on hold to continue in a few months… The end of Act I: Creatures of the Darkness Stirring marked the perfect transition point to put this game on hold so another one could be pursued. Act II: Storms Clashing in the Night will begin after this other unrelated game, Strangers in a Strange Land [Modified D20 System], is finished or at a good transition point within that game. Stay tuned for info!

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