- Iscobal -

Iscobal is a land tearing itself apart from within. Internal politics keep the nation focused on itself rather than on the dangers of the expansionist kingdoms at its borders. The palace intrigues involve the royal family, led by King Noren tiKalloban. Noren’s father, Rabbar tiKalloban, seized the throne about sixty years ago from Queen Whenith Sarromere, whom most believed unfit to rule. The deposed queen is rumered to have died in exile in the land of Ancuan. Now, her sons Bren and Kor want the land back in the name of their house. To this end, they work against the king, both openly and in secret.

Just a year ago, an attempt on King Noren’s life left him with one eye and one arm. Only the healing power of the kingdom’s numenera stockpile saved his life. No proof could link the assassination attempt to the Sarromere brothers, but few in the kingdom have any doubts on the matter.

During her strange reign, Queen Whenith Sarromere had become convinced that by using a variety of numenera secrets, she could harness the power of dreams to control the minds of all who might oppose her, inside and outside her borders. Eventually, she gave up on this scheme, but only because she began to believe that within dreams lay an entirely different realm that she could rule instead of the corporeal land of Iscobal. With each capricious and bizarre idea she had about sleep or dreams, she issued rewards to explorers who scoured the Ninth World for devices and knowledge related to those topics. She commanded her scholars and nanos to experiment with the sciences they understood to make her dreams—literally—into reality.

The people of Iscobal are farmers and fishers. The former raise wheat, beans, and cotton, as well as tend orchards of orange billam fruit. The latter use small round boats called skitters to travel up and down the coast and down the mighty Wyr River. Iscobal is also known for its abundant game—hunters provide a great deal of fowl and venison to feed the population.


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