Noren tiKalloban

- King Noren tiKalloban -
High Lord of Iscobal

King Noren tiKalloban ruled over the kingdom of Iscobal for 48 years, starting at the age of 23 when his father passed away from illness and he took the throne prematurely by 2 years.

He wed to Princess Yvis Asour, who became Queen Yvis tiKalloban, at age 29, strengthening political ties between Iscobal and Ancuan greatly from a loose awareness of each other to a strong tie as allies and economic companions.

Noren had his 1st child through Yvis tiKalloban, Princess Ireda tiKalloban, in the 4th year of their marriage. Sadly, Ireda tiKalloban was killed during an attempt on the King’s own life when she was 6 years of age. He claimed it was the fault of King Horra Asour-Mantir, but did not publicly claim how the kingdom of Ancuan was to blame, purging their 10 year alliance and souring future relations.

After 7 more years, Yvis tiKalloban gave birth to Noren’s only son, Prince Ferran tiKalloban, but she passed within days of his entering the world. He was a strong boy and man, fit to be a prime successor to Noren’s throne when he came of age at 25 or when Noren left the throne prior. But, like his sister, he was also tragically killed at age 14 in a mishap riding accident.

With no wife or children at age 60, Noren resigned from remarrying or producing more offspring.

At age 71, and still quite resilient, King Noren tiKalloban was murdered, leaving his closest heirs as his younger sister by blood, Lady Cevine tiKalloban, and his youthful second cousin by blood, grandson to his father’s brother, Prince Garu tiKalloban.

- Side Notes -

Noren carried on his person at all times a notebook bearing the sigil of a lion engraved in gold on a brown leather binding. In this secret book of his he recounted his most personal affairs and the keys to his agendas and thoughts. He encrypted the words within using a special piece of numenera known by the few who are familiar with it as a Glass of Secrets.

His chronicle makes it appear as though he has used various forms of these Glass artifacts over the years. This comes from the fact that older accounts appear to be encrypted by ciphers much simpler in nature than newer ones, but many bear the remarkable and unmistakable fingerprint the Glass of Secrets leaves behind. He was carrying the latest Glass of his using at the time of his death, but the rest seem to have been lost, misplaced, or hidden in various places over the years.

Noren tiKalloban

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