Noren tiKalloban's Journal

- Noren tiKalloban’s Journal -
+ Artifact +

Noren tiKalloban carried on his person at all times a notebook bearing the sigil of a lion engraved in gold on a brown leather binding. In this secret book of his he recounted his most personal affairs and the keys to his agendas and thoughts. He encrypted the words within using a special piece of numenera known by the few who are familiar with it as a Glass of Secrets.

- Entries -

Yosedo 31 931 9E
- The Play of Politics -

I see the vipers corner me in my place of rule, giving me neither space for escape nor chance for reasonable explanation. Cevine is no better than any other of my court, save perhaps Fidelius. I watch the puppets do their dance, hoping XA is pulling their strings, for I have not the reach to pull them myself anymore. My solitary tower may stand away from the perils, but its foundation is uneasy as of late.

Redeiah 4 931 9E
- Missive from XA -

She has sent word that plans proceed as expected, but I do not see progression from my vantage. I contemplate this decision long into the night many a day. I shall persevere for now.

Redeiah 19 931 9E
- Timing -

Prince Garu must be made aware of the truth. But when, he is still too young… And letting the illusion crumble now would mean unthinkable horrors for him and this kingdom, I am certain. If only my dear Ferran were still with me, this would be easier. Garu, my son not by blood, when do I announce to you that you are my rightful heir by law, without letting on to your cousin Cevine or others of my court?

Casius 2 931 9E
- On Lady Ellabon’s Requests -

I hear her pleas, week in and out, and while I know her plight all too well, I cannot in good conscience abide her requests. Too long has it been since I have chosen to trust another as she would ask, and though the years have had their toll, I cannot forgive the transgressions Malevich bestowed that hit me so close to my heart. This decision plagues me, but it is the correct one, I am certain. May it not bring misfortune to my kin in days to pass.

Casius 8 931 9E
- The Sarromere Blight -

King Asour-Mantir still has no hold over the Sarromere family, I worry. I have not seen their vile presence, but I feel it on my neck as I sit in court. To think all that protects young Garu is this façade is unsettling, but nonetheless better than naught. I shall continue it, as he is more important than the Queen’s agenda I fear, and he is the last I can look to.

Casius 21 931 9E
- Correspondence Silence -

The correspondences have ceased, without change in reply. I am curious as to why, as Elia was most insistent prior. However, I do not feel I will uncover the reason as to this change in attitude. Until next I hear of her, this is my last record on the matter.

Noren tiKalloban's Journal

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